Vertical slats - decorative panel Soundrise Modulo 300 ZIG ZAG

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Decorative wood panels with vertical slats. Lamellas on the wall and ceiling are a great
idea for wood at home and in the company

Decorative wall panel with wooden slats is a fashionable wall decoration used in finishing modern interiors. Soundrise Modulo linear panels are our ready-to-install proposition.

The 100% natural wood used in it makes the empty and cold walls warm and friendly. In addition, the slats mounted to the base plate also function as anacoustic system.

They perfectly distract and partially absorb sound known from large and empty rooms and called reverb.

The gross price of PLN 1,700 applies to a panel with the following parameters:

  • panel height 300 cm
  • panel width 75 cm
  • dimension of a single slat: width 2 cm, height 2.5 cm, length 3 m b.
  • slat spacing every 4.25 cm I / I or I / II
  • birch plywood board,
  • slats made of class A solid pine wood, seasoned, selected
  • black painted plate
  • oiled slats in oak color
  • panel joined at a length of 1500 mm (joining practically invisible - precise cutting with a CNC milling machine)
  • slats in one whole,
  • slats screwed to the plate,
  • TYPE B panel with closing slats on both sides    

Wooden slats with perforations enabling the addition of acoustic wool as an absorber. We also offer lamellar panels with perforations, thanks to which the installation of mineral wool under them creates professional
acoustic systems used in recording studios, sound directors - i.e. wherever the greatest importance is attached to sound quality.

We custom-cut our ZIG ZAG SOUNDRISE MODULO 300 linear wall panels to order.

  1. We will prepare for you an estimated cost of making the panel to size after sending to our address: a completed table, which you will find in the files to download at the bottom of the product description;
  2. We also provide information about this product at: tel. +48 533-233-539;
  3. If you are interested in an accurate quote with a price guarantee of up to 30 days and take advantage of the discount, you can order a quote for custom-made linear panels
  4. If the valuation will require the involvement of the designer (preliminary design of the distribution of panels), we will first consult with you. The initial design of the panel layout is €30.77 gross.

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Types of linear wooden panels:

  1. Panel type A. This type is intended for stacking panels side by side. This means that the panel has no end strips.


      Lamele drewniane ścienne. Typ panelu A

    2. Panel Type B. This panel type has end closing slats

       Typ Panelu B z listewkami drewnianymi zamykającymi panel z obu stron

    3. Panel type C Left. It is a type of panel with one closing strip on the left side

      Typ panelu lamelowego C Left


4. Panel type C Right. It is a kind of decorative lamellar panel with one closing strip on the right side

         Typ panelu z lamelkami drewnianymi C Right

Dimensions of a standard single module Soundrise Modulo 300 ZIG ZAG slat panel

 Wymiary lameli drewnianych ściennych Soundrise Modulo 300. 


How to order Soundrise Modulo 300 vertical wall lamellas

  1. We choose one panel type C Left (standard width is ~ 751 mm). It is a line panel on the left closed with a closing strip.
  2. Then choose panel type A. It is a panel on both sides "open" - without end closing slats
  3. Finally, choose the C Right panel. It is a line panel on the right, closed with an end strip



Sposób zamawiania paneli z dewnianymi lamelami pionowymi

Types of fins wooden slats and base plate to which they are attached Basic version

  1. Basic version - Strips and base plate made of unpainted wood - rough sanded, ready for further color processing.
  2. Version with oiled, stained, slatted pine skins, transparent water varnishes or dyed in a single color with wood paints.
  3. Base plate - like slats Flocked slats (suede).
  4. Slats made of a different type of wood - beech, oak, ash, American walnut ..


Panel mounting methods:


The decorative / acoustic panel has a modular structure. A single razor panel :) is mounted to the wall with a mounting system (Fig. 1) consisting of mounting strips and hangers. There are also many other ways to attach panels to the wall, such as gluing or screwing through wall plugs (Fig. 2). When using the method of mounting on wall plugs, the correct order of assembly must be observed.

1. Leave unscrewed slats under which there are mounting holes for M 3.5 mm wall plugs with a screw head diameter not greater than 6.9 mm and a length of 30 mm

2. Place the panel on the wall in the place where it is to be installed and draw points on the wall where we will drill holes for dowels

3. Drill holes and screw in expansion plugs

4. Try on and slide the panel onto the screw heads

5. Adjust the screw depth so that the panel rests against the wall

6. Slide the panel out of the screws

7. Tighten the missing slats

8. Mount the panel


Fig 1. Dedicated assembly system

 tył dyfuzora biały   zawieszka


Fig 2. The method of mounting the panel using wall plugs

Montaż lameli ściennych za pomocą kołków rozporowych

The appearance of the panel made of raw sanded wood

- slats are milled in such a way that the "striped" or longitudinal grain is always on their front. This treatment increases the aesthetic value

Panel liniowy - listewki

Paneli liniowy zmontowany

Options for making wooden slats

1. Pine slat oiled in walnut color

Listewka drewniana sosnowa do panelu liniowego olejowana na kolor orzech

2. Oiled pine slats of oak color

Listewki sosnowe do panelu liniowego olejowane na kolor dąb

3. Flocked / suede slats

Lamele drewniane pionowe flokowane

Realization of decorative line panels (decorative acoustic diffusers):

10mm thick birch plywood base plate painted black. Oiled pine slats in the color of linear oak (decorative acoustic diffusers):

Realizacja projektu drewnianych paneli pionowych - lamelek


Dimensions of a single linear decorative panel module:

height: 300 cm

width: 75 cm

thickness: 3.5 cm

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