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Acoustic panel holder - Proton Center 1
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Acoustic panel holder - Proton Surround L+R 1
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Acoustic panel made of acoustic foam GT Studio Birch 3
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Front for acoustic panel Oak 0 size 60x60
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Sound insulation of ZIG ZAG Acoustic aluminum doors

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Sound insulation of aluminum doors. Perfect silencing solutions for hospitals, clinics, workplaces and public buildings.

The head physician's office, patient's admission room, office, and beyond them excessive noise, which at best prevents conversation in a neutral tone. Loud noises coming through the door distract, lead to frustration, reduce performance and lead to mistakes in the work of a doctor or accountant.ZOZ patients waiting in the corridor for their queue should not listen to the diagnosis and ailments of a person who is just in the doctor's office. Employees and petitioners should not hear the President's reprimand on an indecent employee. Involuntary eavesdropping on important matter personal or business are situations in which we participate every day. It's embarrassing for us and we don't want to hear it.

Door acoustic solutions in the service of silencing unnecessary soundsOften, demolishing existing doors turns out to be too cumbersome, costly and time consuming. The solution to this problem is ZIG ZAG Acoustic ready sound insulation, which is installed in a clean way and in less than 2 hours.

Effectiveness and advantages of ZIG ZAG Acoustic aluminum door sound insulation.

  • the use of modern sound-absorbing materials enables noise attenuation efficiency of 42 dB. To obtain such soundproofing of the door it is required that all seals tightly
  • adhered at the junction of the door leaf and the frame. There should also be no acoustic bridges - empty spaces between the frame and wall
  • each insulation has a specially designed and milled handle adapter, enabling comfortable use of the door
  • all mounting strips have pre-drilled holes that facilitate screwing them to the door leaf
  • a special acoustic tape is glued to all mounting strips screwed to the door leaf. It prevents the transmission of vibrations (sound is vibrations) to the supporting structure and then to the decorative insulation front
  • to increase the efficiency, we designed the insulation in such a way that we left a 2 mm air gap in the inside of the 'insulation box', which prevents the sound from getting easily outside the 'box'
  • the wooden decorative front is made of high-quality 6 mm thick hardwood plywood, which further increases sound insulation
  • it is possible to make the front / front panel from plywood veneered with any type of wood
  • all soundproofing elements are varnished with impact resistant and abrasion resistant professional Italian two-component paints for wood Renner
  • each insulation is designed according to the dimensions sent by You

Acoustic seal as a threshold

To thoroughly seal the rooms in which it is not possible to install the threshold, the sound insulation is in the lower part terminated with a special acoustic seal permanently attached to the door leaf. Thanks to it, after closing the door, you will thoroughly isolate your room from the others.

How to order door sound insulation?

To complete the order, please contact us by email or phone. We will ask you to make door measurements that will allow us to prepare a personalized design for you. Below is a manual that will help you measure your door quickly. We attach instructions to the ordered insulation which will facilitate its installation even more.

You can choose:
• color and decorative pattern of the front;




Alu 4


• color of frame and handle and lock adapter;







 Acoustic seal acting as a threshold:



If you have any questions about door silencing products, go ahead and write at
or call : +48 533 233 539

The utility model belongs to ZIG ZAG Acoustic and is protected by rights.

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