Decorative wooden linear panel with perforation Soundrise 2 ZIG ZAG

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Vertical wooden slats, perforated linear panel - Soundrise wooden 2

A decorative linear wooden panel also used as a linear, vertical or lamella acoustic diffuser is entirely made of wood. The base of the diffuser is an acoustic panel made of wooden plywood, on which a diffuser in the form of pine slats is mounted.


  1. The board and the slats are not bolted together (when ordering it is possible to choose a bolted panel)
  2. The basic version is made of raw sanded slats of pine wood and a support board of birch plywood (on request it is possible to make beech, alder, birch, oak slats)
  3. In the panel under the slat place, holes are drilled through which they are screwed. The slats and the plate are connected by means of a tongue and groove system, which facilitates mutual assembly.  Such a joining system stiffens the entire structure and prevents the long slats from stretching during use.
  4. Screws for mounting the slats are included in the set.
  5. When ordering, please specify which panel type you will need
  6. There is a possibility of ordering only closing slats

Types of line panels:

Types of line panels.jpg

Dimensions of a single linear panel module:

length: 100 cm

width: 50 cm

thickness: 3.5 cm


Dimensions of a single linear panel module.jpg


How can a wall panel be mounted on a wall?

A single module of the linear panel is mounted to the wall by means of a mounting system (Fig. 1) consisting of mounting strips and hangers. There are also many other ways to attach panels to the wall, such as gluing or screwing through wall plugs (Fig. 2). When using the method of mounting on wall plugs, the correct order of assembly must be observed.

  1. Leave unscrewed slats under which there are mounting holes for M 3.5 mm wall plugs with a screw head diameter not greater than 6.9 mm and a length of 30 mm
  2. Place the panel against the wall in the place where it is to be mounted and draw points on the wall where we will drill holes for dowels
  3. Drill holes and screw in plugs
  4. Try on and slide the panel onto the screw heads
  5. Adjust the screw depth so that the panel rests against the wall
  6. Slide the panel out of the screws
  7. Tighten the missing slats
  8. Mount the panel

Fig 1. Dedicated assembly system

Dedicated assembly system.jpg


Fig. 2. The method of mounting the panel using wall plugs

The method of mounting the panel using wall plugs.jpg


Mounting elements are not included in the panel price.

The price of the line panel is for 1 piece = 0.5 m2 (width 0.5 m x height 1 m)

The price is for the raw panel - pine slats, pine or birch plywood.

If you would like your panel to be varnished or painted, select the option and contact us to agree on the colors. 


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