3D Decorative wooden panel - Peacock feathers

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Decorative 3D wooden panels composition

Decorative 3D Peacock Feather panel made of wooden plywood is the shape of a regular hexagon. Because of that, it is possible to connect many panels in mosaics. The panel also has a unique noise reduction function, what we will describe in the further text.

Decorative 3D wooden panels assembly

Decorative 3D puzzles are mounted to the wall in a simple way, using any assembly glue, eg Patex Superfix.

Decorative 3D curving panels - modern and natural design

The presented panel has a pattern of diminishing diamonds, which are the result of a layered construction of plywood, which is created by the milling process. The 3D structure of the Peacock Feather panel is deepened by reflections. With appropriate lighting settings, we will observe an excellent game of light and shadow.

High precise decorative pattern

High precision cutting with a diamond CNC milling cutter creates excellent dimensional repeatability of each panel, which translates into the ease of combining them into compositions.

Hidden acoustic functions of 3D hexagon panel

In addition to the decorative qualities, the panel also has a hidden acoustic function. Natural unpainted wood has the ability to absorb sound to some extent.

The factor determining this possibility is NRC or Noise Reduction Coefficient. Remember that high-intensity hiss is already noise.

For natural wood, this coefficient can range from 0.05 to 0.25. This means that 25% or 1/4 of noise is absorbed by the panel and 75% or 3/4 are reflected.

Thanks to the irregular surface of the 3D Zig Zag Diamond panel, 75% of the reflected noise is further dissipated and they stop being so onerous.

However, the most important factor for the above data is that the effectiveness of absorbing 25% of noise occurs in the range of medium frequencies: 500 Hz to 3000 Hz.

That's how our surroundings sound and we may not even realize that. It is permanent noise - lasting all the time. It is also worth mentioning that the frequent cause of tiredness is sometimes long staying in an eternally skimming environment.

Therefore, to ensure that you have the right conditions to rest in our shelter, which is the house, it is worth equipping it with acoustic panels like 3D Zig Zag decorative panels, made of natural wood.

Dimensions for decorative 3D wooden panel

base 41 cm

diagonal 47 cm

thickness 15 mm

Material for 3D hexagon puzzles

birch or alder plywood

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