Acoustic panel holder -  Proton Center 1
Acoustic panel holder - Proton Center 1
€641.03 €521.16
Acoustic panel holder - Proton Surround L+R 1
Acoustic panel holder - Proton Surround L+R 1
€435.90 €354.39
Acoustic panel made of acoustic foam GT Studio Birch 3
Acoustic panel made of acoustic foam GT Studio Birch 3
€21.79 €17.72
Coffee Table -  Legg Bamboo SK33
Coffee Table - Legg Bamboo SK33
€589.49 €479.26
 Wooden decorative panel ZIG ZAG  Mosaic 3D
Wooden decorative panel ZIG ZAG Mosaic 3D
€581.54 €472.79
Front for acoustic panel  Oak 0 size 50x50
Front for acoustic panel Oak 0 size 50x50
€21.28 €17.30
Front for acoustic panel  Oak 0 size 60x60
Front for acoustic panel Oak 0 size 60x60
€23.59 €19.18
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About us

The ZIG ZAG brand is the fulfillment of the long-term dreams of the owner, the creator and originator of the majority of projects.

"... Even as a child I was a keen observer of creative work, done by my carpenter's grandfather. This is where my great passion for working with wood came from. ZIG ZAG is the icing on the cake for my almost twenty years of involvement in the construction and building of goods that facilitate our everyday life. Maybe in the car in which you drive, the building in which you live, or the household appliances you are using is already some part of me. As a creator of many solutions and inventions I have always remained in the shadow of my products. ZIG ZAG is for me a kind of attempt to build a direct relationship with you, Dear User. From the beginning of my professional career I had some sense of dissatisfaction and as it turned out this missing piece was the opportunity to express myself through the creation of beauty and aesthetics, and above all their exposure in furniture and interior decoration elements. During all these years of work, a whole lot of my ideas for new forms of furniture finally got a notebook. As a hobby, I started writing and drawing new sketches. Most often, however, I spent time in their small workshop on their implementation. Over time, I became interested in design and observation of interior design trends in Poland and in the world. Today, together with my team, I would like to share my ideas with you ... ".

We understand that the tastes are different, but we will be honored if we fall to yours. Our technical knowledge and the ability to use the most modern production techniques in conjunction with the love to create new, unique forms has allowed us to create often difficult in construction, but beautiful furniture. At the beginning you need to know that our work is accompanied by a passion for wood, giving it shapes.

Company mission

Our goal is to make you believe that the place where you sleep, work or relax every day must give you comfort, a sense of security, and satisfy your need for aesthetics, because our everyday environment directly affects the well-being and inner mood. During the design we use the most modern solutions in the field of furniture manufacturing technology, without giving up the most noble - traditional ones. In our projects, we strive to emphasize the raw beauty contained in various species of wood, through its unusual connections with other materials. We want to be distinguished by a synthesis of functionality and remarkable approach to beauty that you will not find in mass-produced furniture. We want to enable you to contact our specialists so that together we can create completely new forms that will delight and inspire. In order for each project to be tailored to your individual needs, thanks to which your interiors will acquire a unique character and will become something more than just an ordinary place to spend your free time. We would like you to feel deep peace and a sense of security when looking at our furniture, in other words to make our furniture an inseparable part of your home bonfire.

Company vision

The vision of our company is the continuous introduction of innovative solutions and continuous improvement of design, which will make us consolidate our position on the market in the interior design industry. We are constantly working on enriching our sales offer, and we will always treat our workshop and design office as a kind of laboratory. From the beginning, we were a small company and we would like to stay that way, so as not to lose our character and approach to design, which is the production of exceptional, high-quality products.

ZIG ZAG team



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