Decorative acoustic wooden wall panels Zig Zag from the Premium segment, are used to create the 
sound space of your rooms. Presented acoustic systems have a large surface area. The soundproofing properties and functions that disperse the diffuser of these acoustics will eliminate unwanted
reverbs and echo effects in your rooms. The task of our decorative acoustic panels is to create comfortable
conditions for rest and more. Thanks to them you will be able to concentrate on the heart of listening to your
favorite music. We know what it means to clean, clear and uninterrupted sound for Audiophile. They will also
guarantee you watching movies in the atmosphere of a cinema room. In addition to pure functional benefits, you also get an attractive, modern and designer decorative element.
Acoustic panels application
Professional applications of soundproofing panels straight from the recording studio, television, radio
or listening room can now find a place in your living room, living room, hall, hallway or bedroom.
Putting them next to a baby bed in the form of a screen made of a certified antibacterial material that is Corian,
you will create your baby with comfortable conditions for rest and sleep (ask for this product in the quick contact
section. For audiophiles, we prepare the technical parameters of these panels. We are in the process of determining the
measurement conditions and preparation of panels for testing in laboratory rooms. To further increase the soundproofing effect, the panel version are available, with the Flock fronts *

We produce high quality acoustic decorative panels made of wood that DO NOT CUMULATE DUST. 
Broadband sound absorbing screens with diffusion function eliminate reverberation and echo.
Perfect for tuning the listening room.

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