The acoustic panel for the interior, also known as the acoustic system, is an element of home or office equipment. 
The main feature of the acoustic panel is the active function of sound absorption, which is not desirable in rooms.
In addition, it can also have a decorative function. If you imagine a dark room whose walls are made of mirrors and the source of sound is a laser pointer or a
bicycle lamp, after igniting it, we would see an infinite number of reflections. The sound moves in our rooms on a similar principle. Encountering flat surfaces, especially the largest ones,
which are walls, are repeatedly bounced off of them in order to get back to our ears with a delay. Such delayed sounds, which bounced one or more times from the hard surfaces - walls, and hit our ears,
are called reveries or echoes. The role of the acoustic panel is to capture as many such "lost" sounds as possible. Thanks to this room with
installed absorbing panels is much quieter, which significantly affects our mood and reception of reality. Acoustic adaptations are nowadays a common solution for private interiors as well as offices, especially open-type
offices, where the number of people in conversation causes a hive phenomenon. <-BACK

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