The purchase of an apartment without adequate acoustics 

Repeatedly buying an apartment, we pay no attention to its acoustics and to the acoustic environment in which it is located. It is often the case that after living in their desired 4 - nd angles acoustic problems begin. It turns out that the terraced or new multi-apartment building that we just bought does not have enough sound insulation. This is a common architectural acoustics defect that affects our well-being over time.

How to improve acoustic comfort - acoustic insulation of the door

Each of us wants to have our own private comfort zone and persistent sounds, reverberation and other noises coming from outside our apartment, break into it and destroy the harmony of our lives. We perfectly know how good quality rest means. After all, we love holidays, we care about trips on holidays or active spending weekends. What about time after work during the week? Does our place of rest, which is our home, give us good conditions?

We received a lot of inquiries about the acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings, to which we have designed a special acoustic panel to silence and dampen these building partitions. It is also time to solve the problem of penetrating sounds in and out of the apartment through the door. We have designed an effective decorative acoustic insulation of the door. Insulation materials used for door silencing are proven in automotive, industry and construction.

  • self-adhesive butyl insulation mat
  • rubber or rubber insulating mat
  • wood in the form of plywood for acoustic decorative cladding of soundproof doors
  • top decorative layer of sound insulation with the possibility of veneering
  • design and colors of soundproofing of doors to order
  • the execution of the door mute project is included in the price
  • the assembly of soundproofing on the door is quick and simple, thanks to which everyone can handle it
Sound insulation of the door Sound insulation of the door
Producer: ZIG ZAG
Price: €323.08
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Sound insulation of the door (1) Sound insulation of the door (1)
Producer: ZIG ZAG
Price: €351.28
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