(Hymenaea courbaril) - other names:
Curbaril, Brazilian cherry, Algarrobo, Jutabi, Jutai,


Jatoba is a tree with small requirements - it prefers sandy areas, unpainted by water. It grows in lowland and 
mountain rain forests as well as gallery forests of South and Central America - from southern Mexico to Peru and
Brazil. Characteristic: Reaches a height of 40 meters. The trunk has a simple - and its diameter reaches up to 120 cm in width.
It is covered with fairly smooth, light-brown bark. Jatoba creates a large umbrella in the shape of an umbrella.
The bark of jatoby inhibits the growth of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
The flowers are white and pollinated by bats. Jatoba fruits are huge pods with a brown, hand-sized crust.
In the middle they contain seeds surrounded by edible pulp with a sweet taste but an unpleasant odor.
The usual name of jatoby is "stinking toe", i.e. a stinky heel.

Owoce jatoba



It has a different color, depending on the environment of tree growth - from yellow-brown, through red-brown, to dark-brown with dark brown stripes.

drewno jatoba

Technical parameters:

quite hard, with a smooth structure


in the furniture industry used for the production of floors that are resistant to moisture, 
fragrant resin, called the Brazilian copal or animé, which is used for the production of incense and perfumes,
and fires during religious ceremonies.

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