Iroko Teak African, exotic wood from Africa.

It is wood, which due to the high content of unstructured substances is also very durable. It is hard, greasy to touch, easy to process and glue, resistant to water and pests, very sought after wood This species is yellow after cutting but oxidizes very quickly to dark brown. Due to their high strength parameters, replace TEAK from Java and Siam.

Other names: Kambala, Abang Scientific name: Chlorophora excelsa


furniture, floors, ordinary and special stairs, exterior and interior woodwork, massive structures, shipbuilding. Technical characteristics Specific gravity of fresh (kg / m3) 1,000 - 1,100 Specific weight at 12% (kg / m3) 650 Tangential shrinkage (T%) 5.2 Radial shrinkage (R%) 3.4 Compressive strength ^ (N / mm2) 57 Static bending (N / mm2) 118 Modulus of elasticity (N / mm2) 9.900

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