Acoustic decorative panels made of wood with a plywood front Different types of acoustic panels available on the market and their different price can be embarrassing to almost every person. Professional acoustic systems based on a resonance box and Rockwool Rocks Lab, Rock Sonic or Isover PT-80 mineral wool absorbers. have the highest efficiency when it comes to absorbing screens.

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 Construction and use of professional acoustic systems ZIG ZAG Acoustic

Our offer includes acoustic decorative absorbing panels with a function (diffuser) or scattering. The construction of these structures is classified as hybrid acoustic panels. As a producer of elements of acoustic adaptation, we decided on such a solution because of its versatility. Our Hybrid acoustic panels have the advantage that it is very difficult to "spoil" them with good listening conditions. They perfectly filter out sound from such phenomena as reverberation, first sound reflections, multiple reflections and even echoing echoes. In contrast to the acoustic diffuser, which has only sound-dissipating properties, our hybrid acoustic systems operate broadband in terms of frequency scattering and absorption from 16 Hz to 22 kHz. In addition to acoustic functions, our ZIG ZAG Acoustic panels have an interesting design and belong to the PREMIUM segment, which is why they will prove to be a wooden decoration for any modern interior. This group includes the Proton broadband acoustic panels from the 20xx series with a semicircular front made of plywood. They perfectly eliminate the fashion of the room. (The mods are the room's own resonances depending in particular on the dimensions and materials from which the walls, ceiling and floor are made).

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 Wooden acoustic panels from the Proton 20xx series

We also offer Proton 20xx panels as sets. The most popular sets are Basic + and Premium + panels. ZIG ZAG Acoustic panel sets are ready solutions for acoustic adaptations intended for busy people. With one click you get a set of panels with an efficiency guarantee matched to your individual needs

The use of hybrid acoustic panels made of wood in an apartment and recording studio

Modern, often minimalistic flats in which layout and scant equipment are a contributing factor to creating
a tiring reverberation become a new, not always healthy fashion. Acoustic decorative panels, especially those made of wood, increase the level of comfort and increase even speech intelligibility. The installation of decorative acoustic foams on the walls of such an apartment is hardly an option. Acoustic pyramids and acoustic foams, e.g. self-adhesive, have their advantages, but their intended use is primarily a recording studio.
In the recording studio, the most common method is soundproofing the room using colored or uniform
acoustic foams with an open cell structure. It is not always a good idea to dampen a recording or directing studio. After all, many instruments do not like to be suppressed, on the contrary, in their acoustics it is important to maintain sonority and gentle reverberation. For this purpose, a frequent procedure in such acoustic adaptations is the use of sponges with a plywood front. They are available in our ZIG ZAG store.
Patterns of acoustic foam panels with a plywood front also have the option of choosing any color.
The basic offer includes acoustic panels white and black, for the fronts we use wood in the form of plywood. As standard, the fronts of birch and oak plywood panels are available.
On request, we can make acoustic panels veneered with any wood. When it comes to dimensions, here
ZIG ZAG Acoustic will adjust the size of the panels to your needs. For all acoustic panels to size and
individual order, please contact us at

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 Professional acoustic diffusers, mineral wool binary systems and acoustic foam

Our ZIG ZAG Acoustic offer also includes professional acoustic systems. In this group, we can particularly include BAD binary sound diffusers. We have a choice of two types of this type of diffusers: made of mineral wool Rockrock RocksLab and RockSonic or ISOVER PT-80 and the second type are acoustic foam diffusers, which price is much lower than those in which the acoustic absorber is mineral wool. As we expand our commercialoffer, the ZIG ZAG Acoustic offer will soon include such items as the Schroeder acoustic diffuser, which has an
interesting pattern and is usually made of wood. The SQM acoustic scum is colloquially referred to as box or
ribbon diffusers or other 2D and 3D acoustic systems.

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 Bass Trap as a solution for standing acoustic wave

This particular type of acoustic panel standing or floor is often located in many acoustic adaptations.
Bass Trap were also included in the ZIG ZAG Acoustic offer.
If there are problems with the disappearing bass in the room or its amount is excessive, then the bass trap
will help. The reason for amplifying low frequencies is the overlapping of reflected sound waves.
This phenomenon creates further harmonics and, for example, a harmonic frequency of 200 Hz is generated from the overlap of 100 Hz. Bass trap ZIG ZAG Acoustic has an acoustic absorber, absorbing from ROCKWOOL RocksLab and RockSonic or ISOVER PT-80 mineral wool. Thanks to this our bass traps are able to cope with the capture of unwanted frequencies. This type of acoustic panel is dedicated especially to audio applications.

All acoustic panels have decorative features. The implementation of wooden panels allows mounting on the wall like a picture. The panels have a hanging bracket on the back. In addition to acoustic decorative panels made of wood, which are included in the hanging category, we also have self-adhesive panels. A special layer of glue on acoustic foams, which we use to build structures with a plywood front, enables direct gluing them to the wall.

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 Acoustic panels MDF - perforated panels

Acoustic perforated boards from MDF - ZIG ZAG Acoustic are widely used as acoustic screens for further adaptations. Industrial acoustic screens from MDF brand ZIG ZAG Acoustic are perforated acoustic panels. The purpose of this type of panels with MDF is the further assembly on frames of profiles such as NIDA UA - Siniat. This type of acoustic adaptation is performed on large surfaces. Between the perforated
MDF acoustic panel and the wall, the said frame is placed from the profiles and between the mineral wool is
placed. Immediately after the MDF board, an acoustic foil should be placed. The frames should be mounted to the ground using vibration isolating or special acoustic tape.

Soundproofing or damping, soundproofing of rooms with acoustic panels

In addition to the acoustic systems mentioned above, we also offer acoustic insulation for walls and
ceilings to be glued with special acoustic glue on the wall. In this category, acoustic panels made of damping materials such as damping mats used for silencing machines and cars occupy their place. Industrial applications of butyl or bituminous acoustic silencing mats were used in a layered construction of soundproofing of walls and ceilings. We use them as acoustic insulation to: child's room living room the bedroom corridor listening room conference rooms recording room recording studio offices offices cinema halls theater halls lecture halls hospitals public rooms military rooms

This type of damping is often used in the courts or police interrogation rooms. High efficiency of acoustic insulation of materials made of rubber foam, rubber, butyl rubber or bituminous mats does not need many comments. Noisy neighbor or other noise coming from behind the wall do not have to be your private life anymore. Thanks to the aforementioned acoustic insulation materials, we have designed acoustic wall and ceiling panels with a high sound attenuation factor.

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 Interesting solution of acoustic scattering panels - 3D hexagons

The production of these unique ZIG ZAG Acoustic plywood diffusers began in 2018. These are milled acoustic wall panels for mounting with glue. The 3D pattern was obtained thanks to the special V-Carve milling technique. The layered structure of deciduous or coniferous plywood allows for an interesting design. The variable milling depth of this 3D scattering system, brings out wonderful patterns from plywood. The current offer includes acoustic 3D scattering panels based on a hexagon, these are Peacock eyelets and Diamonds. Acoustic panels with approval and declaration of performance. The production of all sound absorbing panels ZIG ZAG Acoustic takes place in Poland from
reliable materials. All materials have the necessary certificates. We issue a declaration of performance for all our products.

Acoustic measurements of reverberation time and room modes

For the most demanding customers as a producer of ZIG ZAG Acoustic panels, we also offer acoustic measurements. In this field we have a team of experienced specialists from Warsaw dealing in architectural and construction acoustics as well as vibroacoustics. We perform acoustic measurements: 

musical objects
conference rooms
listening rooms
recording studios
sound directors rooms
spa resorts
swimming pools
cafes shopping
centers shops
public rooms

We measure reverberation time, sound pressure, general acoustic parameters of rooms, acoustic insulation for air
and shock sounds, noise in buildings and vibrations that are already in the field of vibroacoustics and many others... Products



Proton 2050 Econo Acoustic decorative panel - ZIG ZAG

Proton 2050 Econo Acoustic decorative panel - ZIG ZAG
Proton 2050 Econo Acoustic decorative panel - ZIG ZAG

Personalize your acoustic decorative panel - the price applies to one basic panel

Availability: a small amount

Dispatched within: 20 days

Price: €141.03 (net: €114.65 )

Proton 2040 Econo Acoustic decorative panel - ZIG ZAG

Proton 2040 Econo Acoustic decorative panel - ZIG ZAG
Proton 2040 Econo Acoustic decorative panel - ZIG ZAG

Personalize your acoustic decorative panel - the price applies to one basic panel

Availability: avarage amount

Dispatched within: 20 days

Price: €158.97 (net: €129.25 )

Proton 2030 Econo Acoustic panel - side and corners - ZIG ZAG

Proton 2030 Econo Acoustic panel - side and corners - ZIG ZAG
Proton 2030 Econo Acoustic panel - side and corners - ZIG ZAG

The first on the market acoustic side wall panel, broadband elliptical - personalize your own. New on the world market.

Availability: avarage amount

Dispatched within: 20 days

Price: €166.67 (net: €135.50 )
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