Hevea wood belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. Scientists describe wood as Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. 
And Hevea guanensis Aubl. The trade names of Hevea wood are: Rubberwood, Kautschukholz, Gummibaumholz, Rambung. It is a naturally occurring rubber tree in Malaysia, Brazil and Guyana. Hevea wood was initially found exclusively
in the Amazon basin and Guyana, but due to the huge demand for rubber milk produced from this tree, numerous
plantations began to emerge in Southeast Asia and West Africa. In the countries of origin, Hevea wood is named in
Malaysia Hevaru and Para rubbertree in Brazil. Currently, the largest producer of Hevea wood is Malaysia, where
tree plantations of this kind cover 2 million hectares. Characteristic: The bright color of Hevea wood is appreciated by builders and decorators as well as interior architects.
Essentially, the whole wood is bright in color, with darker streaks visible here and there. The wood fiber pattern
is regular, which is why the surface of Hevea wood floors has a uniform character.

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