Acoustic wall from offices It's Quiet series

Acoustic walls for offices, especially dedicated to Open Space.

Why acoustic walls?

A popular solution used in Open Space is the installation of portable acoustic partition walls. Open
Space (OST), otherwise Open Space in modern offices is a space that supports team-oriented and creative
project implementation. However, for employees who perform conceptual work, the ill-arranged acoustics
of such rooms increase their stress and increase the feeling of danger. The open space in which many
people reside generates buzz and noise and, unfortunately, does not give much space for privacy.

Noise and work regulations

80 db is a sound level of noise that is safe for health, while performing tasks for 8 hours of work. 
Such a threshold, in accordance with Polish regulations and standards, does not cause hearing damage,
but does not provide comfort of work.
For rooms such as a secretary's office or a client's office, where many people always scroll, 
the permissible noise level is 65 dB.
But for rooms where tasks requiring concentration and concentration are performed, the permissible
noise level is only 55 dB. According to the research - the level of noise in Open Space offices -
the intensity of sounds (conversations, footsteps, shuffling chairs) often exceeds even 65 dB. Bad acoustics - ubiquitous noise and the buzz of an open office - negatively affect the well-being
and performance of the employee.

A solution for excessive noise in a modern Open Space office Acoustic office partitions, acoustic dividing panels and acoustic booths are proven methods
for arranging the minimum acoustic comfort zone in the open space. It allows the employee to develop his own separate space for the duration of tasks requiring
concentration. It gives some privacy and increases motivation to act.


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