Acoustic panels specification

Here are hybrid acoustic Zig Zag panels for your flat, home or office. They serve as a way to create an acoustic space for your rooms. They do not accumulate dust. 

The presented panels have a unique construction. There is an acoustic absorber inside each acoustic panel which enhances its acoustic capacity. The absorber is filled with mineral wool as ROCKWOOL RocksLab  or ISOVER PT-80 (50 mm in thickness, and -0,9 up to 1,0 absorption coefficient) which has a great impact on low frequency suppression. They suppress sounds from 16Hz - 22 kHz. The absorber is covered with a professional acoustic fabric which is used in manufacturing audio masking frames. They are sheer and do not let dust inside. These panels also have acoustic diffusers function which disperse acoustic waves.

Acoustic wooden panels - high decorative and acoustic performance ratio

All of the above mentioned aspects help erase echo, sound riverbs and reflection, in your apartment. They provide comfort, benefit your music experience and guarantee that the time spent on watching films at home will be as thrilling as the one spent in the cinema. These profesional acoustic panels combine both convenience and aestheticism. 

Acoustic panels placements

These acoustic panels can be used in your recording studio as well as in a living room, a hall or a bedroom. When you put them next to a cot, you will create a safe quite space for your baby as they are made from a fabric called Corian which functions as an acoustic antibacteria trap (you can ask about this product here).       



Acoustic Panel - Bass Trap Proton 2030 Econ - ZIG ZAG

Acoustic Panel - Bass Trap Proton 2030  Econ - ZIG ZAG
Acoustic Panel - Bass Trap Proton 2030 Econ - ZIG ZAG

Acoustic decorative panel - floor panel, broadband acoustic system bass trap. New on the market.

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